International Flight Planning Maps

National maps available:

CountryNOTAMS on fileAirspaceHG/PG sitesMicrolight sitesGlider sitesGA/Other airfieldsBriefing
Austria161Yes-2385619 Jan 10:05 CET
Belgium393Yes-6186419 Jan 19:35 CET
Cyprus157Yes21--1119 Jan 06:05 EET
Denmark89Yes7-215219 Jan 09:35 CET
France1440Yes823-2543219 Jan 17:06 CET
Germany1838Yes--58919 Jan 18:20 CET
Iceland35Yes---6519 Jan 17:05 GMT
Ireland79Yes127885019 Jan 18:05 GMT
Italy1177Yes582612155119 Jan 20:05 CET
Malta12Yes91-219 Jan 05:50 CET
Netherlands393Yes-6186419 Jan 07:05 CET
Norway236Yes---5519 Jan 19:20 CET
Portugal489Yes-11-13419 Jan 17:05 WET
Spain489Yes-11-13419 Jan 18:21 CET
Sweden197Yes--817119 Jan 19:50 CET
Switzerland102Yes--217919 Jan 16:05 CET
UK621Yes55833110233419 Jan 16:21 GMT
UK+Channel Isles834Yes55933110437919 Jan 16:06 GMT

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