Narrow Route Brief

.. is here at last!

On the map pages (either your local map or the UK map), click on 'show route'. The first time you do this, a default route will be shown in the middle of the map, in an west-to-east direction. The route will be enclosed in a rectangle marking the route width (default 5nm). This may be altered on-screen to suit.

Drag the start(red) marker to your take off spot, and the green landing marker to your landing. Click on the line in between them to create a draggable turn point (yellow). You can create as many turn points as you like by repeatedly clicking the lines between markers. Click on a marker to show its latitude and longitude. The turnpoint may be removed by clicking on it, and then clicking on the 'Remove this turnpoint' link. Once you are happy, hit 'save route' to store the route on the database. The next time you look at a map and click 'show route', your previously stored route will be displayed.

The 'route NOTAMS' menu item will now contain the NOTAMs affecting your selected route. If you start or end your route on, or very close to an ICAO airfield, the program assumes that you are taking off/landing there. The aerodrome NOTAMs for those airfields will be shown in the list. Note that, unlike the official NATS web site, you do not need to start or finish on an airfield to obtain the narrow route brief.

The route will also appear in the downloaded Google Earth files.

Please let me know of any problems/bugs.