What this web site does

Ever struggled with the NATS web site? Or maybe you just never bothered looking up NOTAMs for your area, because it was all too difficult? How do you work out whether that latitude and longitude is anywhere near you? Hopefully, this web site is the solution to your problem.

This web site provides an easy and convenient way of bringing NOTAMS to your desktop, without the hassle of logging into the NATS/AIS website, and searching through hundreds of NOTAMs to find out which apply to you. The NOTAMs are presented here on a personalised map, and/or sent to you via RSS feeds

The web site automatically collects NOTAM information for the Flight Information Regions 'EGTT' and 'EGPX', ie those that cover the entire UK mainland. The web site requests NOTAMS from AIS for the next seven days ahead. This is done every few hours, so that there is always an up-to-date listing for you here. The latest briefing date, time and number can be seen on the left-hand side bar. You should, of course, check that the system is up to date before relying on the data.

If you register on this web site, you will be able to view NOTAMS for a selected area, and see them on a local map. You will also be able to obtain a RSS feed of NOTAMS that affect your particular area. Without registering, you can only see the national map, and the complete list of restrictions and navigation warnings. By default, the national map shows airspace restrictions and navigational warnings only, with national airspace, and a guide to free-flying sites in the UK. Once registered, you may turn these off, or choose to see aerodrome and en-route NOTAMS as well/instead.

The usual caveats apply; don't rely on this map for your flight planning, No responsibility whatsoever is taken for its contents. If there's weird stuff here, it's probably because there's weird stuff on the AIS web site. It's not unknown for the AIS web site to have kite flying in Cambodia listed amongst the firework displays. The ultimate source of the data here is http://www.nats-uk.ead-it.com/public/index.php.html

NB This web site has no affiliation whatsoever with NATS/AIS, and is not approved by them.