Narrow Route Brief

.. is here at last!

On the map pages (either your local map or the UK map), click on 'show route'. The first time you do this, a default route will be shown in the middle of the map, in an west-to-east direction. The route will be enclosed in a rectangle marking the route width (default 5nm). This may be altered on-screen to suit.

Drag the start(red) marker to your take off spot, and the green landing marker to your landing. Click on the line in between them to create a draggable turn point (yellow). You can create as many turn points as you like by repeatedly clicking the lines between markers. Click on a marker to show its latitude and longitude. The turnpoint may be removed by clicking on it, and then clicking on the 'Remove this turnpoint' link. Once you are happy, hit 'save route' to store the route on the database. The next time you look at a map and click 'show route', your previously stored route will be displayed.

The 'route NOTAMS' menu item will now contain the NOTAMs affecting your selected route. If you start or end your route on, or very close to an ICAO airfield, the program assumes that you are taking off/landing there. The aerodrome NOTAMs for those airfields will be shown in the list. Note that, unlike the official NATS web site, you do not need to start or finish on an airfield to obtain the narrow route brief.

The route will also appear in the downloaded Google Earth files.

Please let me know of any problems/bugs.

Eyjafjallajokull tracked

The maps now tracks the Eyjafjallajokull volcano's ash cloud, as per the Met Office's volcanic ash advisory. The volcano is marked by 4 false NOTAMs. The current ash cloud is delineated in red, the +6 hour forecast in yellow, the +12 hour in dark grey, the +18 hour in light grey. It's updated every 6 hours.

As of 13 May 2010, the current forecast is now included on the RSS and email feeds.

March Updates

The (left-hand) navigation menu now has an item on it - 'METARs and TAFs'. This will display the current meteorological conditions and the forecast from ICAO airfields in your designated area. Not all airfields provide these forecasts. Those that do will also shortly be linked to from the national and local maps.

The original METARs and TAFs are displayed, followed by a near-English translation. If you spot any obvious mistakes, please let me know via the contact form.

** Coming shortly : Narrow route brief **

Latest Features

The following have just been installed. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes...

  • Google Earth files - Once you have selected what you want to see on the map pages you can download a file to see it all in glorious colour on Google Earth. The GE files may optionally contain NOTAMs, airspace, flying sites and airfields.
  • NOTAMs by email. - Go to 'My Account', and fill in your email preferences. You can receive a daily email with all the NOTAMs in your area, or one with just the updates as and when they are posted. NB You must tick the 'Send an email' box to receive any email at all.
  • Microlight fields are now available on the map, as are ICAO airfields (all the EGxx fields listed in the Air Info Package). Go to 'my account' to set up whether you want to see these or not. If you list these on the Google maps, they will also show in the Google Earth .KMZ files.
  • The emails, RSS feeds and the notam lists all now show the airport name for aerodrome NOTAMs
  • You can now turn the display of flying sites, microlight and ICAO airfields on and off on all maps.

Flying Sites

  • The free-flying sites listed here have been extracted mostly from the BHPA clubs' websites. Where possible, these have been linked directly to the web site site guides. Others were taken from paragliding Earth, entries from XC tables, and the UK AIP. If you find any errors, please let me know, so that it may be corrected.
  • The microlight airfields were taken from the UK AIP. Some are wrongly positioned, despite the data being copied directly. Please let me know where they should be!
  • The ICAO airfields have all been checked on Google Earth.

What this web site does

Ever struggled with the NATS web site? Or maybe you just never bothered looking up NOTAMs for your area, because it was all too difficult? How do you work out whether that latitude and longitude is anywhere near you? Hopefully, this web site is the solution to your problem.

This web site provides an easy and convenient way of bringing NOTAMS to your desktop, without the hassle of logging into the NATS/AIS website, and searching through hundreds of NOTAMs to find out which apply to you. The NOTAMs are presented here on a personalised map, and/or sent to you via RSS feeds

The web site automatically collects NOTAM information for the Flight Information Regions 'EGTT' and 'EGPX', ie those that cover the entire UK mainland. The web site requests NOTAMS from AIS for the next seven days ahead. This is done every few hours, so that there is always an up-to-date listing for you here. The latest briefing date, time and number can be seen on the left-hand side bar. You should, of course, check that the system is up to date before relying on the data.

If you register on this web site, you will be able to view NOTAMS for a selected area, and see them on a local map. You will also be able to obtain a RSS feed of NOTAMS that affect your particular area. Without registering, you can only see the national map, and the complete list of restrictions and navigation warnings. By default, the national map shows airspace restrictions and navigational warnings only, with national airspace, and a guide to free-flying sites in the UK. Once registered, you may turn these off, or choose to see aerodrome and en-route NOTAMS as well/instead.