Add your flying site to the maps

The navigation menu (on the left) now has a link 'add a site' to a page that lets you set up your own flying site on the maps. If the site is an airfield, you may also specify the position of runways as well, laying them down exactly on the ground. You may also specify the activity carried out, so now balloon launch sites, paramotor sites, parachuting sites, etc, can be added. The sites will be marked as unverified, and marked with a white pin, until I have verified them.

Non-airfield sites are marked with a simple site marker. If the site is an airfield, you can add multiple runways. Move the start and end markers to indicate the start and end of each runway, then adjust the width with the edge markers. Every time you update a site, I will get an email with the site details. They will then be updated, and marked as valid soon after.

You will have to be a registered user, and logged in to add or alter a site's details.

Ireland and France added

...and lots more stuff done behind the scenes:

  • You can now set your home country to be 'Ireland', 'France' or 'UK+Channel Isles', The latter gives you NOTAMs from the UK plus the Brest FIR.
  • NOTAMs for Ireland and France will only be fetched daily, for the moment. Ireland doesn't have many; France has squillions.
  • Airfields, paragliding/hang gliding sites set up for France and Ireland. The former taken from the NOTAMs, the latter from paragliding Earth (Ireland) and the FFVL web site(France).
  • A very few gliding and microlight fields have been added, but only where I could see stuff on the ground.
  • Even if you are in one country, you can see the maps for other countries by going to the 'International maps' menu item on the left hand menu.
  • Sites have been rationalised somewhat - an airfield can now be listed with multiple uses, eg it can be a GA airfield, a glider field, a microlight field, and a winching site.
  • The display options for paraglding and hang gliding have been changed a little.
  • Airspace has been reorganised - airspace is now selected by type, rather than by class, eg you can select 'CTR' rather than 'Class A'.

Beware I may have made mistakes! Please bear with them until the changes have been bedded down.

Apologies for the 403 errors on the airfield charts; this is out of my control. I have asked that they be accessible again outside of the EAD web site. Watch this space...

Outage 11 Oct

Apologies for the outage of the web site from 7-10pm Tuesday 11th October

Unfortunately, I've had to revert to a week-old backup, so last week's NOTAMs will all appear at once.
Anyone who registered in the last week will have to re-register. Sorry about that.

Updates for July

  • Major changes to the database to allow for multiple FIRs
  • Maps upgraded to use the latest Google Maps interface (faster!)
  • The restrictions/nav warnings options have been combined on the maps.
  • The en-route/aerodrome NOTAM options have been separated.
  • Aerodrome-only NOTAMS are now marked with mauve markers, not blue.
  • Obstacles are now marked mauve or blue, depending upon whether they are aerodrome-only or not.
  • You may now click on the circles/area/lines of a NOTAM to see details of that NOTAM. This will help with those large circles of influence, and with the flight path NOTAMs, where the NOTAM marker is difficult to locate.
  • Routes:
    • Click on the start or end markers to create turnpoints.
    • You may no longer click on the path between turn points to create a new turn point.
    • The route markers now have distances and directions to the next turn point.
    • Route markers may be nudged in any direction by 1 minute, one 1/10 degree, or one degree, in north, east, south and west directions.
    • Routes now follow great circles. NB the route brief width doesn't, because working it out would hurt my brain too much.
  • The narrow route brief and local NOTAM lists now have clickable references. Click on these to go to the local map, with the NOTAM highlighted. This will appear on a new tab/page.
  • The RSS feed now links to the NOTAM map as above
  • The HTML emails also link to the local map as above.
  • Clicking on the map will close any open information window. if there is airspace, it will be displayed. If there is nothing under the cursor, the window will be closed.
  • NOTAMS with Q code 'QACCA' ('Class B to E airspace activated') are en-route and aerodrome, but have now been marked as warnings too, so that they get included in emails/maps/RSS feeds, as they are too important to miss.
  • Fixed a bug that led to incorrect dates when maps viewed between midnight and 1am.
  • Help page updated.


All pages now have a 'printer-friendly' version, if you want to print off your NOTAMs. See the link at the bottom of each web page. The NOTAM lists have a two-column format, to save paper. The 'printer-friendly' version of each page will be opened in a new tab/page. All non-map web pages may also be emailed. The link for this is also at the bottom of each page.


It looks like AIS have changed the style of their web pages, and the NOTAMinfo routines can't access it as before. I'll fix it as soon as possible - I've just returned from holiday, only to see dozens of error messages. Apologies for the fault.

In the mean tine, look at the AIS pages - you do do this anyway, right?

**** Fixed as at 11am 4th May ****