November Update

a) Three new countries have been added: Italy, Sweden and Cyprus. Due to performance issues with the UK AIS web site, these countries may have their NOTAMs sourced from the FAA. Later on, some other countries may also be sourced from there. Airspace for northern Cyrus is a guess, based on sparse documentation. If anyone has a reliable source for this, please let me know, via the 'contact' page.

b) A bug has been fixed whereby NOTAMs for unexpected FIRs (those outside the country's jurisdiction) were always regarded as 'new', regardless of creation date.

c) Previously, if the AIS website failed to deliver NOTAMs, this program deleted the 'missing' ones. They were then reinstated on a later successful transaction. This resulted in NOTAMs being marked as 'new' .This will no longer happen.

d) Users with country of 'Spain and Portugal' have had their country changed to 'Spain', unless they had an email ending in '.pt', in which case they have been changed to 'Portugal' Some of these will be incorrect, but it will make no difference - they will still see the combined Iberia map. Similarly, users in Belgium and the Netherlands have had their country changed to 'Netherlands', unless their email ended '.be'.

e) The 'latest briefing' page has been changed. You can now view the briefings for any of the countries covered by this web site from the one page. Also available is the briefing history; all NOTAM briefings from the last month are now viewable.

f) A long-standing bug, whereby some people received two emails during busy slots (6/7/8am) has been squashed.