July 2012 Update

Thanks to the appalling flying weather: The update for July:

  • Major changes to the software to allow for a single NOTAM to be mapped onto multiple areas, where the NOTAM describes more than one affected area. Improved NOTAM text parsing to map these areas.
  • You may now view maps for Spain and Portugal.
  • Details for each airfield/flying site are now on a separate page, from where you can go directly to the correction page, if you know of any changes.
  • FIRs (Flight Information Regions) have been added to the database. You can now show these FIRs on the maps.
  • NOTAMs that affect an entire FIR are now mapped onto the FIR boundary rather than some huge circle.
  • Gliding areas are now shown purple on the maps, rather than the previous green.
  • Minor improvements to the mapping, especially overlaying of lower airspaces.