Add your flying site to the maps

The navigation menu (on the left) now has a link 'add a site' to a page that lets you set up your own flying site on the maps. If the site is an airfield, you may also specify the position of runways as well, laying them down exactly on the ground. You may also specify the activity carried out, so now balloon launch sites, paramotor sites, parachuting sites, etc, can be added. The sites will be marked as unverified, and marked with a white pin, until I have verified them.

Non-airfield sites are marked with a simple site marker. If the site is an airfield, you can add multiple runways. Move the start and end markers to indicate the start and end of each runway, then adjust the width with the edge markers. Every time you update a site, I will get an email with the site details. They will then be updated, and marked as valid soon after.

You will have to be a registered user, and logged in to add or alter a site's details.