Ireland and France added

...and lots more stuff done behind the scenes:

  • You can now set your home country to be 'Ireland', 'France' or 'UK+Channel Isles', The latter gives you NOTAMs from the UK plus the Brest FIR.
  • NOTAMs for Ireland and France will only be fetched daily, for the moment. Ireland doesn't have many; France has squillions.
  • Airfields, paragliding/hang gliding sites set up for France and Ireland. The former taken from the NOTAMs, the latter from paragliding Earth (Ireland) and the FFVL web site(France).
  • A very few gliding and microlight fields have been added, but only where I could see stuff on the ground.
  • Even if you are in one country, you can see the maps for other countries by going to the 'International maps' menu item on the left hand menu.
  • Sites have been rationalised somewhat - an airfield can now be listed with multiple uses, eg it can be a GA airfield, a glider field, a microlight field, and a winching site.
  • The display options for paraglding and hang gliding have been changed a little.
  • Airspace has been reorganised - airspace is now selected by type, rather than by class, eg you can select 'CTR' rather than 'Class A'.

Beware I may have made mistakes! Please bear with them until the changes have been bedded down.

Apologies for the 403 errors on the airfield charts; this is out of my control. I have asked that they be accessible again outside of the EAD web site. Watch this space...