October Update

Several Microlighting sites have been added, so that there are now 295 sites shown on the maps. These have been obtained from various sources, some rather old. If you know of any corrections, please let me know. Additionally, let me know about your microlight club, and web site, and I'll add that to the map.

The glider (sailplane) sites have been moved from the airspace section to the sites section on the maps, and are now indicated by blue markers, rather than the previous circles. The text popups now show the club operating from the airfields, and, where known, their web site.

A bug that had shown some hazards as restricted airspace has been fixed.

Areas of Intense Aerial Activity (AIAAs) have been added to the airspace. There is a new option to show hazards or not on the national map. Hazards include AIAAs, HIRTAs, Gas Venting Sites, Lasers, Radio masts, etc

Charts and info for ICAO airfields now loaded from Eurocontrol's web site rather than the AIS web site

Airspace updated.