Latest Features

The following have just been installed. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes...

  • Google Earth files - Once you have selected what you want to see on the map pages you can download a file to see it all in glorious colour on Google Earth. The GE files may optionally contain NOTAMs, airspace, flying sites and airfields.
  • NOTAMs by email. - Go to 'My Account', and fill in your email preferences. You can receive a daily email with all the NOTAMs in your area, or one with just the updates as and when they are posted. NB You must tick the 'Send an email' box to receive any email at all.
  • Microlight fields are now available on the map, as are ICAO airfields (all the EGxx fields listed in the Air Info Package). Go to 'my account' to set up whether you want to see these or not. If you list these on the Google maps, they will also show in the Google Earth .KMZ files.
  • The emails, RSS feeds and the notam lists all now show the airport name for aerodrome NOTAMs
  • You can now turn the display of flying sites, microlight and ICAO airfields on and off on all maps.